The Eco Dri Process

We offer our customers a unique and permanent solution to rising damp.

Our process is simple:

Eco Dri

Rising Damp Moisture Assessment

Our rising damp specialists will conduct an inspection of your home and assess the problem. Measurements will be taken along with photos and a detailed summary of what they have found. From this, our specialists will tailor a unique solution to suit the problem.
Eco Dri

Eco Dri Installation

Our specialists will install the RENODRY system in your home and take a small extraction sample of your wall for further testing of the drying process. This extraction of the wall are small holes up to 10mm in diameter and 15mm in depth max.
Eco Dri

The Drying Process

Post the installation of the RENODRY system, our specialists will provide ongoing support throughout this drying process and monitor the progress over a 12-month period until the completion of the drying.
Eco Dri

Guaranteed For A Full 20 Years

Eco Dri will guarantee the success of their RENODRY system for a period of up to 20 years when installed by an Eco Dri expert.
Eco Dri

Nano Protection & Mould Removal

Our nano products protect your house from driving rain and splash water. They are breathable and ensure that your walls can exhale. Mould is a common problem that can occur from rising damp in your home and can cause serious health risks.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Eco Dri

Rene Els

Great product! I’ve seen it naturally dry out rising damp in walls many times over. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers from rising damp in their building.
Eco Dri

Tuncay Goenuel

The expert explanation of what rising damp really is was very insightful, professional and made total sense, the non-invasive proven technology made so much sense hence I saw it as a no-brainer, took it onboard and my results are astonishing. If you think you have rising damp, save yourself the hassle and look no further than Eco Dri.
Eco Dri

Eleanor Jones

Definitely recommend Eco Dri! I noticed the paint on my wall peeling and areas with mould, the team were able to get rid of it and I couldn’t be happier with the service.
Eco Dri
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