The Renodry System

The RENODRY system is completely environmental friendly, uses no electricity and does not produce any electromagnetic fields (electro smog).

The RENODRY system is a state of the art product that eradicates Rising Damp.

RENODRY takes world renowned technology (currently present in thousands of homes and buildings worldwide) to the next level to stop Rising Damp at the source.

The RENODRY technology wall dehydration system is a passive (not electrically connected) system of receiving and transmitting antennas. The heart of the system is a set of spiral antennas mounted inside a resonant case. The apparatus at its core is based on military communications technology that has shown proven results all around the world over the last 30 years.

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The system powers itself by harnessing RF (Radio Frequency) energy from the environment. In addition, it uses the Earth’s magnetic field, known as geomagnetic energy. This technology also utilises recycled RF energy available from TV and radio broadcasts, Wi-Fi or mobile signals etc. This or similar powering methods are widely used for wireless low energy circuits such as weather sensors located in harsh environments (e.g. for climate data collection, wildfire control and detection) where other energy sources are not feasible.

With the RENODRY in place, it will cause the water molecules inside the wall to release from the masonry by disrupting the electrostatic attraction between the water and masonry. Gravity can now push the water back down into the ground establishing masonry moisture equilibrium.

There are no batteries or electricity needed which makes the system both eco-friendly and cost-efficient and because the RENODRY has no moving parts, being a passive receiving/transmitting antenna, it requires no ongoing maintenance. The RENODRY system is designed to keep working for decades, during which time the building will continue to be free of rising damp and will remain dry.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Rene Els

Great product! I’ve seen it naturally dry out rising damp in walls many times over. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers from rising damp in their building.
Eco Dri

Tuncay Goenuel

The expert explanation of what rising damp really is was very insightful, professional and made total sense, the non-invasive proven technology made so much sense hence I saw it as a no-brainer, took it onboard and my results are astonishing. If you think you have rising damp, save yourself the hassle and look no further than Eco Dri.
Eco Dri

Eleanor Jones

Definitely recommend Eco Dri! I noticed the paint on my wall peeling and areas with mould, the team were able to get rid of it and I couldn’t be happier with the service.
Eco Dri
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